Colourfull NBR Tube

Tubular structure, can be customized according to customer requirements, rubber and plastic color. Using a special process to blend pigment into rubber and plastic, can meet customers in beautiful, convenient differentiation (such as the separation of effluent and backwater) and other requirements.

  • 密度 40-80kg/m³
  • 导热系数 -20℃时≤0.030
  • 使用温度 -50℃-110℃
Colourfull NBR Tube


Mainly NBR/PVC as the main raw material, cooperate with flame retardant agent, foaming agent, curing agent, promoter and stabilizer, strengthening agent, such as additives, end spacing, mixing, extrusion, curing, foaming, cooling, cutting and become, has a small independent closed pore structure, heat preservation performance is good, good compression resilience, strong ability to resist water vapor permeability, good fireproof performance, low smoke non-toxic, Safe and reliable, long service life.


It is suitable for the main engine of commercial air conditioner and the room with many kinds of pipes.



Colourfull NBR Tube

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