WS class0 NBR Sheet

Plate structure, with nitrile butadiene rubber as the main raw material by foaming, with completely closed foam flexible rubber plastic insulation material.

British Fire Rating Class 0 is a fire standard specified and specified in the documents approved by the Building Regulations of the United Kingdom. The Class0 rating must meet the following conditions:

Bs476-7 flame surface extension grade: the test must reach Class 1 (flame extension must not be greater than 165mm).

Plate structure, bS476-6 flame propagation index test again: the total flame propagation index is required, I≤12 and the single sub-index I1 ≤6.

  • 密度 40-80kg/m³
  • 导热系数 -20℃时≤0.030
  • 使用温度 -50℃-110℃
WS class0 NBR Sheet


Mainly NBR/PVC as the main raw material, cooperate with flame retardant agent, foaming agent, curing agent, promoter and stabilizer, strengthening agent, such as additives, end spacing, mixing, extrusion, curing, foaming, cooling, cutting and become, has a small independent closed pore structure, heat preservation performance is good, good compression resilience, strong ability to resist water vapor permeability, good fireproof performance, low smoke non-toxic, Safe and reliable, long service life.


It is widely used for thermal insulation and cold protection of various pipes and equipment in the high-end market of HVAC system to fully ensure the energy-saving effect of reducing cold and heat loss. It is widely used in various public places, industrial plants, clean rooms and medical and educational institutions.



WS class0 NBR Sheet

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